Sponsorship Mastery Summit 2020

Sponsorship Mastery Summit 2020 blir avholdt virtuelt 23 og 24 september, og dere er invitert til å delta.

"We are excited to welcome you, among the industry’s leading sponsorship changemakers, to the 2020 Sponsorship Mastery Summit. Over the span of two days, attendees will attend virtual workshops, training sessions, roundtable and panel discussions led by industry experts, and so much more"

  • Immersive Sessions to Keep you Informed, Inspired and on the Cutting-Edge 

Two action-packed days, 15 live-streamed sessions led by industry experts, including interactive breakouts and Q&A’s, plus roundtable networking and in-chat forums so you can prepare for the future, make lasting connections, and master sponsorships.

  • Recordings Access After the Summit 

You’ll have access to all presentations and recordings so you can revisit your favorite moments, refresh your memory, and recall the key learnings.

Dato: Onsdag 23 september og torsdag 24. september.

Pris: Frem til 15 september koster påmelding $197. Fra 16 september øker prisen til $297.

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